Please call us at (405) 273-7661 for information about admissions.

For our skilled nursing facility (SNF), the patient must meet all of these criteria:

  • Was hospitalized for three consecutive midnights in the last 30 days before transfer to the SNF.
  • Is being transferred to the SNF because of a condition for which the patient was treated in a hospital.
  • A physician has certified the need for inpatient care in the SNF.
  • Requires care which cannot be provided without skilled nursing care or rehabilitative services on a daily basis.

In addition, skilled nursing patients must meet at least one of these criteria on a daily basis:

  • Their physician prescribed a complicated or extensive plan of care.
  • The patient requires skilled assessment and monitoring of a complicated or unstable condition, or progress in a rehabilitative program.
  • They need skilled teaching services for self-maintenance after discharge.
  • IV therapy, IM medications, and/or tube feedings are required.
  • The patient is receiving extensive wound care.
  • The patient has begun a new regimen involving medication administration.
  • They need skilled assistance and/or supervision with physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy.

We accept all sources of payment.